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Tim Allen: The Genius Behind Stop-Motion

By Juan Manuel Almario and Mateo Uribe Saenz
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At the 6th version of the international animation festival La Truca in Cali, one of the special guest was the British animator Tim Allen.
He visited different universities of the city to talk about his career. Tim Allen is known for his work with Tim Burton in “Corpse Bride” with Wes Anderson in “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and also for his work in the Oscar winner film “Peter and the wolf”

Tim Allen talked to the Escaleta’s Magazine about his opinions and special moments of his professional life.

Escaleta’s Magazine: When did you start to be passionate with the animation?

Tim Allen: When I was a kid I loved the animated movies but I didn’t realize that I could do it for a job or a career, until I was about 18 years old.
I was an art student looking for what to do when I started a model making curse. Doing that, I discovered the animation curse in the same university. In that moment, I found my purpose and I said “this is what I want to do”.

E.M: Why making Stop-motion?

T.A: I always loved stop motion when I was a kid because lots of my favorites Tv programs were in Stop Motion. I love seeing how toys come to life, it’s like you can create a real world. 
I remember the first time I saw the making of The Nightmare before Christmas, and I saw the crowded sets, people drawing things on the floor and doing lots of things with the puppets; so in that moment I want to be in that world. So that’s why a make stop motion, because I like to touch it instead of working behind a computer screen.

E.M: Do you design the puppets of your projects?

T.A: If you are beginning your career, you have to make your own puppets and do what you want with them. But when you work on a big project, they give you the puppets and you have to create their movements, make that character be different from another character; turn them alive.

E.M: Tell us… How was the experience about working with Tim Burton?

T.A: First I have to say that I am a big fan of The Nightmare before Christmas, so when I had the opportunity of working with him in the Corpse Bride, I was so grateful and it was a special moment in my life. Tim is a great person, he is very clear of what he wants on scene, and he always let know to the crew that he is grateful with their work. He is a nice person to work with, it was so special for me just to be on that crew.

E.M: What is your favorite animated movie?

T.A: It’s a hard question, but I think my favorite animated movies are The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast because they are magical and timeless.
And my favorite movie that I have worked on it, is hard to say because one thing is the experience of work on it, and other thing is the finished project. So I’m going to say my favorite experience is Bunny and the Bull because it was a crazy project, only two weeks working on my scene, and it was a hard scene because it has a stop motion animation and a lived action actor.

E.M: What do you think about the Latin-American animation?

T.A: Well, I have not seen that much because I have been busy since I came here but the little things that I could see, were really interesting and creative. The most admirable thing is the fact that they have not got the kind of training that I had, they are small groups of people learning for themselves. But because of that you are more creative, more freedom and I find it friendlier and less commercial.

E.M: Finally, give us a tip for the young animators or film makers.

T.A: For young film makers much of the challenge is trying to find what you love or care about, the things that you want to tell on your story, because this is how you express your ideas and build an identity.
On the other side, you have to accept that the world is always changing, technology is changing faster and faster so the way we do our job is always changing. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, new techniques, always be original and different from other works.
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Por: Mateo Uribe Saenz

Somos un grupo estudiantil de la Organización de Grupos Estudiantiles de la Universidad Autónoma de Occidente con la misión de fomentar la cultura cinematográfica por medio de una revista digital llamada "Escaleta".

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